Gwyneth Paltrow & Her Birthday Boy Bunch

Beautiful Actress Gwyneth Paltorw along with her beautiful two children daughter Apple, 5 almost 6 and Moses, 4 today happy birthday! along with her Gwenyth mother Blythe Danner and some friends April 8

Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Play Day!

Katie Holmes and her adorable daughter Suri Cruise left their apartment In New York and headed to an indoor play center at Chelsea Piers in New York today

Kate Gosselin new television show "Twist of Kate".

Now that Kate Gosselin telivison show Jon & Kate Plus 8 is over after spit with Jon Gosselin the Dancing With the Stars star Kate Gosselin is reportedly returning to Television along with her eight children Madelyn and Cara 9 years old and Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel turning 6-years old next month. The reality mom is set to star in her own new series called "Twist of Kate" in addition to a few specials on TLC called "Kate Plus 8," Usa Today reports.

"Twist of Kate" will have Gosselin responding to fan mail and profiling women who are facing their own tribulations. Meanwhile, "Kate Plus 8" will document the single mom's life as she raises her eight children.

"I look at it as a loose concept," Gosselin discusses "Twist of Kate" with the newspaper. "I want to be out there learning from others, helping to provide insight whenever I can, though I don't consider myself an expert on anything."

She says of her supporters, "The fact that people really support me and want the kids and I to do well ... is flattering. ... I never understood the importance of fans until we struggled and went through tough times."

(Pictured above Kate and the sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel at their 5th birthday party)

Demi Moore and Ashton Kuther would like to have a baby!

Actress 47-year-old Demi Moore tells United Kingdom's Elle magazine that she and her husband Actor Ashton Kutcher 32-years-old would love to have children together. Demi already has three daughters from previous marrige to Actor Bruce Willis' their daughters Rumer, 21, Scout, 18, and Tallulah, 15

"We talk about it and it's something that we would like," Demi says . "He's an amazing father to my daughters already, so I have no doubt that if it's in our future, it would be another incredible part of our journey together."

(pictured above Demi, Ashton and Demi's oldest daughter Rumer)

Newly Divorced actress Kate Winslet pedals her adorable children the beautiful Mia Honey 9-years old(daughter of assistant director Jim Threapleton), and Joe Alfie 6(father is director Sam Mendes), on a family bike ride through Manhattan Tuesday.
Comedian and talk show host, George López and his wife Anne celebrate the 15th birthday of their daughter Mayan at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim.

Brian shares info about his life with Megan Fox and his role as a Fathe

Brian Austin Green & Gang Out In LA

Brian Austin Green shares info about him as a parent school budget cuts in L.A and of course his girlfriend Megan Fox.

On sharing parenthood with Megan: "I'm the daddy and I remind my son [with actress Vanessa Marcil] that I'm not around just to be his friend. I'm here to steer him in the right direction and teach him lessons that I've learned and help him become a man. I'm totally learning as I go. But, to be honest, Megan has been just so helpful and instrumental in raising him."

On the paparazzi: "Megan and I so despise the paparazzi. We value our private life and our time at home. The last thing I want is to be ducking in and out of places because I'm worried about my picture being taken, especially when I'm with my son. When they follow me in cars when I pick him up from school, that's really crossing the line."

On being "boring": "I understand that they want shots of me with Megan, but we're pretty boring. They won't catch us out at clubs, getting drunk or being hauled in for DUIs. All they usually get is pictures of us leaving Staples or Target, or walking into a restaurant. But when they start taking shots of me taking out my garbage in the morning, I mean, what's that about? To my mind, the law needs to be changed to help create a safer environment for actors and celebrities."

On facing the challenge of L.A. school budget cuts: "I was getting e-mails constantly from other parents like, 'The kids are running out of paper. Can anybody help? And they need pencils too.' The reality is that my son, Kassius, goes to one of the better public schools. I can't imagine what some of the other schools in California are dealing with."

On getting the message across with some laughs: "We did a video at my son's school with real parents, students and teachers. We took some pretty good shots at Governor Schwarzenegger, but I think he has a sense of humor. We weren't worried about going too far. What's too far is another two billion dollars being cut from the budget and watching our school system fall apart."

On getting help from Megan Fox: "Somebody said, 'Do you think Megan would be interested in doing it?' I said, 'I can answer that without even having to ask her.' It was really cute to watch her with the kids. It would become sort of a parade at times. They'd follow around behind her and say things like, 'You're so pretty.' She wore some everyday thing. But you could wrap her in foil and she'd look hot."

Adam Sandler's Movie Set Munchkin

Adam Sandler on n the set of his new film Just Go With It with his family visiting his wife Jackie and their 3 1/2-year-old daughter Sadie yesterday April 7

Suri Cruise Is A Blanket Beauty

Daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, Suri Cruise was seen with her nanny in New York City yesterday (April 7)

Jessica Alba's Urth Café Cutie

Actress Jessica Alba pictured with her adorable 21-month-old Honor Marie out of Urth Café in Beverly Hills, CA yesterday

Adorable Denise Richards tweet

Tweets From The Hollywood Nest

an adorable tweet from Actress Denise Richards of her two daughters Sam and Lola

@DENISE_RICHARDS - I caught two little girls sneaking ice cream

Sex in the City Actress, Sarah Jessica Parker walks her son James Wilkie to school with daughter Marion on Wednesday in New York.