Mother of one Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and a friend were spotted shopping and chatting while at Aahs on Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks, Calif. Thursday on June 4.

Little Pinki Tails!

The hands on mother of 2 Jennifer Garner picks up her little lady daughter Violet Affleckfrom school while Ben Affleck is working on his newest film The Company Men, in Boston

Cute little Thug!

With the beautiful mom Gwyneth Paltrow and her Coldplay front man Chris Martin as parents and rapper Jay–Z your honorary uncle – it’s no surprise that Moses Paltrow Martin is known as the “sensitive thug” around the Paltrow-Martin house.
During an appearance on Thursday’s “Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien,” Gwyneth Paltrow revealed that her three-year-old has developed into quite the little tyrant, but with adorable poetic moments.“We actually call him our sensitive thug,” the actress told Conan. “It’s a line from a Jay-Z song, because that sort of characterizes him perfectly.”She went on to explain that Moses is embracing the rough and tough side of being a little boy.“He’s so out of his mind and then he has these moments of very poetic softness,” she continued. And little Moses appears to have inherited his dad’s gift of prose.“The other day he held up a paper clip and said, ‘my splendid thing, I will hook you up,’” Gwyneth explained. “He does talk like he’s from another century, he’ll say things like, ‘Is it not raining?’”

Oh thats to cute! I love the long hair boy look like almost like rocker, its just the coolest style for boys it makes you think there instantly cool and fun my favorite celebrity boy is Presley Gerber though.

Adorableness overload!

for the 4th time mom to be Heidi Klum was spotted picking up daughter Leni whom recently just turned 5, and son Henry 3 from school in Los Angeles on Friday.
Heidi and her husband Seal are expecting their fourth child a girl in the Autumn. Its going to be so pretty, Hedi looks to amazing she always looks perfect even picking her kids up from school.

As if the pair wernt sweet enough!

The adorable couple Brooke Burke dancing with the stars champ and her actor hubby David Charvet enjoy cupcakes with their children 2 year old daughter Heaven and 15 month old son Shaya in Malibu California
Peter spent the day with his children Junior,3 and the BEAUTIFUL Princess Tiaammii,2 at Tilgate Park in West Sussex where they marveled at the farm animals on show.

Nahla Airela Aubry Baby of the week!

Nahla Aubry Baby Album


spl46540_032.jpg spl46540_032.jpg image by scorpiad

Halle Berry Pictures: Halle Berry: Show's off gorgeous daughter Nahla Aubry at Los Angeles Zoo



Halle Cut Her Locks But Still Has Her Loves

halle berry family feast13

halle berry family feast04

nahla aubry memorial day bbq 09

nahla aubry memorial day bbq 10

nahla aubry memorial day bbq 02

Nahla Aubry's Day Out With Daddy

Stay Gorgeous Nahla Aubry!

Brooke Anderson Welcomes Daughter Kate Victoria

Brooke Anderson Welcomes Daughter Kate Victoria

It's a girl for CNN's Brooke Anderson and husband Jim Walker! Daughter Kate Victoria Walker, weighed in at 8lbz. 1oz. Anderson's Showbiz Tonight co-host reported the news on-air in an interview with Brooke including baby photos of little Kate.Mom Brooke gushed to her co-host, "she's just perfect!" adding Kate has "a head full of dark hair, big blue eyes..."When asked how she feels to be a mother, Brooke proclaimed, "It is probably the most pure, unconditional love I have ever experienced, that I could ever experience..."Congrats to the the happy couple!

Tori Spellings
Considering the Spelling family business, do you let your kids watch TV?
TV is basically my life, so to be the mom who says, "My kids will never watch," would be totally hypocritical. We try to strike a balance; it's a work in progress.
What's your favorite family ritual these days?
TS Family dinner is huge on my list. I feel like it's good to start it now. When Liam and Stella are eating in their high chairs, Dean and I try to eat something, so we're all sitting down together. I see this continuing the rest of their lives. When they're all grown up and out of the house, maybe once a week they'll come home for family dinner.
In your book, you describe Liam as a daddy's boy. Is that still the case?
TS Well, it turns out that Stella is a total mama's girl. My biggest fear in life was having a girl—how was I going to handle a girl [considering my relationship with my mother]? But for all my fears, without my even trying, Stella wants her mama. When she is in Dean's arms, she lunges for me the way Liam did for him.
What's one of the weirder parts of being pregnant in Hollywood?
TS During both pregnancies, people touched my belly a lot. I would never do that to a pregnant woman—it's a personal thing. And if I did, I'd say, "Your belly is so cute, can I touch it?" But when fans did it, I couldn't say, "Please don't touch," because then it would be, "What a bitch!" At a certain point, I just decided that [my second baby] Stella was getting a lot of love in there.
How much does it suck to have to lose baby weight in Hollywood?

TS Well, after I'd given birth to Stella, some woman at the market grabbed my belly and asked when I was due. When she had the flab in her hand, she realized her mistake.
And the first time I went out after I had Liam, the paparazzi were around and I remember trying to hold my stomach in, even though my muscles were shot to hell, because it's not like they want the story, "Look at the happy couple, they just had a baby!" They want, "Do you see her stomach?
We thought she already had the baby." But I always say the weeklies build you up to tear you down. It's a funny cycle. The week before they were asking, "Is she too thin?" they showed a picture of me in a bikini on the beach and said I looked great.

Holly Marie Combs welcomes baby!

hollyAug242006.jpg image by tmg72966

Former Charmed actress Holly Marie Combs stayed quite about the pregnancy as it was high-risk, but is now pleased to announce the
arrival of Kelley James Donoho on Tuesday, May 26th.

Delivered by emergency c-section at 35 weeks, “we didn’t feel

comfortable making any announcements until everyone was home healthy,”Holly, 35, tells CBB. “We are and now it is time to

celebrate. I, now a mother of three boys, will be going to take a nap!”

Kelley joins big brothers Riley Edward, 2 ½, and Finley Arthur, 5,

Holly’s children with husband David Donoho.

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Jennifer & Violet Stayin' Busy In Boston

The beautiful jennifer Garner and her adorable daughter Violet 3 years old who were spotted going swimming at a local hotel and then to lunch in Boston, MA, on Thursday. Little sister, Seraphina, 5 months tomorrow, was not with the adorable mother daughter duo.

The Garner-afflecks are in Ben's hometown while he shoots scenes for his new film, The Company Men, which stars Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones and Maria Bello. The story centers on a year in the life of three men trying to survive a round of corporate downsizing at a major company and how that affects them, their families, and their communities.

Jon and kate plus 8 update

The Gosselins: The Show Must Go On

Amidst the highly publicized drama surrounding their marriage, Jon and Kate go on with the show! Kate Gosselin was accompanied by security guard Steve Neild, whom she's been rumoredAaden, Collin and Joel on Thursday. The group was pictured whilst filming for the TV show Jon and Kate Plus 8 while having lunch at The River Boat Landing Restaurant and then stopping at Kilwin's for ice cream in Wilmington, North Carolina. to be having an affair with, and her three 5-year-old sons,

On the same day, Jon Gosselin was photographed also filming the show with the couples' two eldest daughters, 8-year-old twins Cara and Mady, returning home in Pennsylvania to a group of photographers.

The day before, Kate was spotted with her security guard Steve once again, and her three youngest daughters, 5-year-old Alexis, Hannah and Leah. The group was pictured filming for the TV show on a ferry leaving Bald Head Island, North Carolina.