During a trip to the park this afternoon, the hunky Ex Men star Hugh Jackman and his adopted children Oscar, 9, and Ava, 4, stopped to observe the recovery effort from today's tragic collision over the Hudson River in New York.

Tom Cruise reunites with his family!

Actor Tom Cruise has arrived back in Melbourne for an emotional reunion with wife Katie Holmes and there beautiful daughter Suri.
Cruise, who has been away from his young family for over a month, landed at Essendon airport in a private jet at 2pm and headed straight for the Docklands studios where Holmes is filming Don't Be Afraid of the Dark.
It was clear Cruise, who flew out of Australia on July 7, had deeply missed his wife and young daughter, spending time with them in their trailer before heading out to enjoy the sunshine.
The famous husband and wife kept the reunion celebrations low-key, taking Suri for a trip to Flagstaff Gardens in the afternoon.
Cruise played with Suri in the sunshine while Holmes watched.
The family turned heads as they played in the gardens and seemed unfussed about mingling with onlookers.

The gorgeous Tisha Campbell-Martin at the launch of Nicole Richie’s new maternity line A Pea in the Pod last night in Beverly Hills

Sex in the City star Willie Garson adopts a son!

Usually like most occasions when you hear about an unmarried celebrity adopting a child, it’s most likely a strong-willed female superstar like Mary-Louise Parker or Meg Ryan, or even Madonna but the story of how Sex and the City’s Willie Garson came to be the single dad of an 8-year-old son is slightly different.
In an interview with, the actor, 45, reveals that he has just finalized the adoption of his new son, whose name is Nathan.
“He moved in with me in February,” Willie explains. “He’s going into third grade, plays baseball, goes to karate and has a posse of pals.”
Willie first found Nathan at an adoption fair. “They’re held in secret locations. It’s like a pet fair as horrifying as you can imagine. It was really hard. The 16-year-old fat ugly kid, who has probably been to thirty of these, knows he’s not going to get adopted. Like everything else, cute wins. I couldn’t believe my kid was actually available for adoption. He’s so cute and sweet. ”
Without revealing the identity of Nathan’s biological mom, Willie reveals that, “for many reasons, she couldn’t care for him, but I will never let her not see him.”
The father-son duo are now prepping to head to Manhattan, where Willie will once again reprise his role as Sarah Jessica Parker’s good friend Stanford Blatch. “I think he’s going to be freaked out when we go to New York,” he admits, adding that the SATC cast is treated “like the Yankees… We can’t walk 20 feet without being mobbed.”