Happy 11th birthday Lily-Rose!

On the date of May 27, 1999 Johnny Depp and his French love Vanessa Paradis welcomed this beautiful little girl into the world.

Quotes from Johnny and Vanessa:

"The birth of my daughter gave me quite a turn which is way beyond what cinema offers", he says. "Since, I know why it's good to be alive. And why, for years, a magnetic power attracted me to Paris. It was my family I was looking for. It wa s Vanessa and Lily-Rose. I want to bring up my daughter in Paris. America frightens me, because of murders, shootings in high schools. I want a healthier and safer atmosphere."

"the birth of my daughter, I mean, it was like ... was like the birth of me. When she came in the world it was like waking up after being asleep for 35 years, so yeah, yeah, she's been a blessing - she's amazing."


That certain key you have been given when you become a father makes you a better human being. But with this key you also have much more responsibility. Suddenly, everything you do matters because your children will be watching, following your actions. That knowledge has given me a certain bravery, a certain force, to move forward in a decent manner that will make my children proud of their father. The way I look at it, Vanessa and I didn’t give birth to our children, they gave birth to us. I strongly believe that they chose us so they could teach us about life. So, today I feel better about my work because I feel better about my life."

"I see this amazing, beautiful, pure angel-thing wake up in the morning, and nothing can touch that. She is the only reason to wake up in the morning, the only reason to take a breath. Everything else is checkers."



Before being a mum, my professional life was very successful but my private life was pretty sad and melancholy. I always thought it was a waste to live so many things, so many wonderful experiences just for me. My job excited me, it still fascinates me. But, after a certain age, when there is nobody to hold your hand? I missed the point. Now, everything makes sense. If I hadn't had the chance to meet my daughter's father, if I had felt the effects of the famous biological clock, I would have, all the same, made this baby, it's very selfish, I know? Dying without having known this happiness must be dreadful. I've learned life in fast forward. Now that I'm a mummy, it's beyond all. With Lily-Rose, I have everything i could wish for.

"She looks like her father very much. She has a gap in her teeth, like me, poor girl! She is absolutely sublime and smart, but particularly, she's a good person. She is extremely generous, I can already see it. Kids are often very selfish, but her, she shares all that she has. She's very special, very strange, very very easy to get on with, she never cries. Children, even ones of others, have always moved me. Often, I wondered: "But how will it be when I'll have a baby?" You know what! It's more wonderful than I imagined.

" I liked Lily and I like Rose. I couldn't make up my mind. It's mummy who told me: "But why don't you name her Lily-Rose?" I call her more often "mon amour"(="my love") or "mon ange"(="my angel") than Lily-Rose. Every time someone pronounces her name, it gives me the shivers."

Happy Birthday Lily-Rose Melody!
Vanessa Paradis and her children the beautiful Lily-Rose Melody and Jack. Sometime this month.
Will Ferrell's School Run

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Child star, Jodie Sweetin attending Heidi Klum's Moms-To-Be Night held at A Pea In The Pod in Beverly Hills, CA yesterday (May 26). Jodie, is expecting baby number two with club DJ Morty Coyle. She is already a mother to a two year old daughter Zoie with ex-husband Cody Herpin.

Super dad Hugh Jackman rides a scooter as he picks up his daughter, Ava Eliot (b.
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"He looked so freaking adorable, I was literally melting! LOL. And I love his face in this picture -- it's a mix of both anger and confusion. I think he looks so much like Rob...maybe we should put Rob in matching Lakers PJs for tomorrow's game and they can be twins haha!!!”

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