Prince George shares a playdate with ten lucky families at Government House in Wellington on Wednesday and shows he's starting to crawl
The gorgeous eight-month-old appeared very taken with one particular toy, holding it in the air and giggling as he played on the floor of the stately home
Sitting cross legged on the floor, the young prince was animated as he called out to his mother
Prince George hugged tightly to his mother's arms as William, who had been swapping stories with the other parents, looked on
The young royal was presented with a giant and very fluffy blue bear by an an organiser at the Plunket event
George looked a little wary of the large stuffed toy and didn't seem to keen to get any closer
Kate mingled with the other first-time parents, holding her son, who was dressed in a pair of navy blue dungarees, in her arms
A multi-coloured toy caught George's attention
The toy shall be mine! Prince George likes the look of a small doll that one of the other children was playing with and makes a grab for it

The Duchess of Cambridge spoke to a number of parents as the young prince scratched his ears
George then lifted his toy as the girl attempted to put hers in her mouth
He then made his way over to some of the other brightly coloured toys scattered across the floor of the stately home
That is until she reached out to touch his face
Prince William spent most of his time sharing his and Kate's parenting experience with the other parents
A few of the other first-time parents gathered around Kate as she lifted her son to his feet. The playgroup is made up of ten families whose children were born within two weeks of George's July 22 birthday
The Duchess was very hands on with her young son
The young prince seemed completely besotted with his beautiful mother as he gazed into her eyes
The Duchess bent down to pick up a toy
Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton took their beautiful 8-month-old son George to a baby play group organised by The Royal New Zealand Plunket Society at the Government House in Wellington on Wednesday (April 9). 


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