In People magazine: The first pictures of Alec Baldwins daughter Carmen Gabriela

On August 23rd Alec Baldwin's wife Hilaria gave birth to a baby girl named Carmen Gabriela. In a new interview with People, Alec actor shares his feelings over becoming a father all over again. 

Alec shares with the magazine that Carmen has given him, “a second chance... Everybody knows I had a pretty unpleasant custody battle for Ireland. We just want things to be easy, to be nice.”

Hilaria, however, who is a first time mom, declared, “I knew I was going to love her a lot, but it’s incredible how deeply.”

As for little Carmen’s sleeping habits, Alec explains, “She sleeps like a rock all day. And at night she’s like, ‘Let’s have a conference.’” Hilaria adds, “Now I’m getting to the point where if I don’t sleep, I’m going to start walking into walls.”

Alec is already a father to 17-year-old daughter Ireland with actress Kim Basinger. 


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