Christina Ricci: "I definitely want to have a family"

Actress Christina Ricci looked gorgeous on the latest issue of Net-A-Porter's The Edit. The star was wearing a breathtaking light pink Alexander McQueen dress. Inside the magazine the actress discussed her upcoming wedding plans to camera technician James Heerdegen and their dream of someday starting a family. 
On her upcoming wedding :
"My mother wore a baby-blue Betsy Johnson for her wedding. At first, I thought it would be sweet to be a bride in blue, but then I thought, no. It's the one time, God willing, that I'll wear a wedding, so I'm wearing white. I just want everyone to have a nice time and to feel happy. I could have easily gone the other way, where I was controlling every detail, but it's so unpleasant to be like that. If the flowers aren't exactly the right shade, then so be it."
On her future with children:
"I definitely want to have a family. But it seems really impossible to plan that kind of thing. So for me, when it happens, it happens."


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