Johnny Depp's daughter Lily-Rose "froze" when meeting Justin Bieber

Hunky Actor Johnny Depp and Vanessa  Paradis's beautiful daughter Lily-Rose, 11, reccently met Justin Bieber. Johnny recently appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman and revealed his daughter Lily-Rose is a big fan of Bieber. Asked if Lily-Rose likes Justin Bieber, he said: 'Oh yes she does, but I'm not sure anyone's daughter doesn't.' Letterman then went on to ask Johnny  if being in showbiz has meant they've ever met. To this, Depp relied: 'There is that weird connection, I've met the young man and... [he's] a very sweet kid... He was playing a concert and my daughter Lily-Rose was desperate to go to the show and we got tickets and passes and things like that.'[We] brought her to the show and introduced them and it was quite... astonishing to see your child in this kind of frozen...'

Hilary Duff: Sweating After Pilates
Pregnant Actress Hilary Duff going to Pilates workout in Los Angeles, CA on yesterday (November 1). Hilary and her husband Mike Cormie are expecting their first child in 2012. 

Linda's Lovely Lad

Linda Evangelista & Augustin Walk Hand In Hand

Model Linda Evangelista and her beautiful son Augustin, 5, walking in New York City yesterday (November 1). Augustin's father is Linda's ex-boyfreind French Businessman Francois-Henri Pinault. 

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L.A. Ladies

Reality Television star Bethenny Frankel and daughter Bryn, 1, arrived for a flight at LAX airport in Los Angeles, CA on Monday (October 31).

Is Justin Bieber a father?

The first picture: Justin Bieber fan Mariah Yeater is seen for the first time with the child she claims was fathered by the teenage idol

Singer Justin Bieber, 17,  has been accused of fathering a child with Maria Yeater, 20. Yeater claims she meet Bieger backstage at one of his concerts. Mariah Yeater was 19 at the time and he was 16, which could mean the woman could be charged with statutory rape of a a minor in California. Yeater has filed a lawsuit against Bieber and wants a paternity test. Maria's baby is three months old. 

Expectant Beyonce's night out on the town!

Mom to be and pop star Beyonce was spotted on today (November st) around NYC. Hubby Jay Z wasn't along for the outing. 

Gavin's and Gwen's little preschooler1

Singer and front-man of the band 'Bush' Gavin Rossdale, was seen taking son Zuma,3, Gavin was seen taking Zuma to preschool in Los Angelos, California.