Actress Kate Beckinsale and her beautiful daughter Lily were spotted in Santa Monica on Tuesday afternoon

Death of Casey Johnson

Johnson & Johnson heiress and Paris Hiltons first choice to star in the simple life, Tila Tequilia's finace, Casey Johnson 30 years old has died unforunatly leaving behind a daughter Ava whom she adopted from Kazakhstan in 2007.

Model Jasmine Lennard tells Life & Style magazine, that she is "completely devastated" by her friend's death and vows to be a big part of Ava's life for Casey. “Casey always made me promise if anything happeed to her I would watch over her baby Ava, and with her family’s blessing I will honor that promise," Jasmine says.“I will see Ava as soon and as much as possible, but I think it's very important to allow her family the time to grieve. I speak with Ava regularly on the telephone, but I don’t want her to be upset right now with the association of me and her mommy."

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