Sadie Frost motherhood made her feel "more complete"

Fashion designer, Actress, mother of four Sadie Frost is mom to four children Finlay, 19 with ex-husband Gary Kemp, and three children Rafferty, 13, Iris, 9, and Rudy, 7 with ex-husband British Actor Jude Law. Sadie Frost, who has recently headlines recently over details that will be revealed in her new autobiography, has said that being a mother made her feel "more complete" after feeling abandoned by her father as a child. She revealed the impact of her parents split via Contact music, "I think becoming a parent is the true test of how your own childhood has affected you," and added, "I was incredibly needy and dependent on people because my father had left and I was fearful of relationships and being abandoned." Though she has been twice-divorced, Frost says that she wouldn't change a thing, "I've tried to look back at the 20 year old me having the time of my life, and still wouldn't change anything. If I did, I wouldn't have met Gary or Jude and made four beautiful kids."

The above picture Sadie and children Rudy 7 years old, and Iris 9 years old.


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