Deal Sours For Police Chiefs Involved In Sarah Jessica Parker Break-In

Deal Sours For Police Chiefs Involved In Sarah Jessica Parker Break-In

The two Ohio police officers who are under investigation after breaking into the home of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick's surrogate mother became targets after asking for too much cash for the stolen photographs, reports.Apparently Martins Ferry Police Chief Barry Carpenter first knocked on the door of the surrogate's home and then proceeded to break in when no one answered. Sources say that after entering, Carpenter proceeded to take fifteen photos of the residence and may have also attempted to retrieve answering machine messages left by Sarah Jessica.Carpenter and his associate, Chad DoJack apparently had plans to sell the photos and information to a tabloid for $15,000, however, their deal allegedly soured when they doubled their asking price to $30,000. Sources say that after this mishap, the tabloid apparently turned the police chiefs in! Ohio investigators then discovered the fifteen photographs taken inside the surrogate's home on Carpenter's cellphone.To begin with, Carpenter said that he was dealing with the National Enquirer and that he was “just messing with them.” The Enquirer tells that they had no involvement in the ordeal.Both police chiefs are currently under investigation.Carpenter first denied any wrongdoing, but now says that he “jumped to conclusions” and had assumed the tabloid was the National Enquirer. He was last quoted as saying, “I'm not exactly sure. If the National Enquirer didn't have anything to do with this, then I publicly apologize.”

Playground Party!

Eden & Savannah's Playground Fun

It was another day at the park for Marcia Cross and her 2-year-old twins Eden and Savannah (red T-shirt) this weekend. These three always look like they're having such fun together!

Cozy and Cute!

Honor Warren Is One Cozy Cutie

One-year-old Honor Marie was all bundled up while out in Beverly Hills with parents Jessica Alba and Cash Warren yesterday morning .

Peter plays under the hosepipe with Junior and Princess in the front garden at his home in Cyprus

"I want to be a hands on mom with milo"

Liv Tyler wants to be as hands-on as possible with son Milo — which means the usual disruptions.
“Milo (who calls her his princess) wakes up every morning at 5.30 or 6 — ping! — and so the hardest thing is the lack of sleep. I try and go to bed before 10 or 11pm, but it’s so hard. If I don’t get more than six hours of sleep for a few days in a row I start to really lose it and just feel so panicked and stressed.
"When people ask me, ‘What is the first thing you do in the morning? What’s your routine?’ I say, ‘Er, I get up. I make breakfast,’” she laughs breathily. “‘I beg Milo to try and snooze for 30 more minutes!’ Of course when they’re up, they’re up.”
She has added pressures in the motherhood arena; for her, the yummy-mummy contest at the school gate is on an altogether grander scale.
“The hardest thing is taking him to school, as sometimes I’ll literally just throw my coat on over my nightgown, but the paparazzi wait almost every day outside his school.
It’s so hard because I don’t want to think about what I’m wearing when I’m taking him to school. I want to get him to school safely, then do whatever I have to do.
”I love being a mother and a normal mother as much as I can, doing basic things. And I love my job and being spontaneous in life, and if you’re trotting around in heels the whole time, you can’t really do that.

Jon Gosseling russed his injured son to the doctors saterday afternoon.

The president and kids

President Barack Obama takes his daughter Malia and Sasha out for a sweet treats
David loves spending time with one-year-old son Shaya, and the two often head to the beach to look at all the different birds by the ocean.
"Little does he know I learn more from him," he said
David Charvet has two kids with wife, Dancing With the Stars champ Brooke Burke."Most people go back and forth between whether Rain looks more like me or like Brooke," he said of his daughter, 2."She makes my heart melt and skip a beat."


David and Shaya spend warm days bounding in the swimming pool. “When he came into my life, I found my new best friend,” David said of his self-proclaimed co-pilot. “I really hope to be his best friend one day.”

The former Bachelor welcomed his first child with wife Ivana in March, and he admits that he couldn't prepare for fatherhood."You have to just follow your instincts," he said with adorable son Adam Brooks while at a park in Santa Barbara, California, in May."If all else fails, just love your child until you figure it out."

The busiest mum in showbiz spoke to about starring in a new Sesame Street DVD, running a hit show (30 Rock), and raising 3-year-old Alice.
What made you want to do Elmo and the Bookaneers?
Having grown up watching the show, you don't think twice. If they call and ask if you want to be on Sesame Street, you're just like "Absolutely! When and where?" I was excited when I heard I was going to be with Elmo, because Elmo's a rock star! And when I got to the set I found out what a juicy part I had -- a pirate captain. Just the coolest.
Do you watch the show with your daughter?
We do sometimes, but we've actually tried to cut out morning-time TV because it makes her a bit antsy. She definitely knows the characters, though.
Does she have a favorite?
She, like most children, is in love with Elmo. And she also likes Murray.
Did she go to the Sesame Street set with you?
She did, and she met Elmo and Oscar, though she was less than 2 at the time and a little scared of Oscar -- but she got her photo taken inside his trash can.
Do you take your daughter to work?
I try to take her once a week after preschool. Both my husband and I work here, so it's nice that she gets to see us. Just recently, she started to sit on the set and yell "action" and "cut."
Does she have any idea that Mommy is famous?
She's starting to, and I'm trying to figure out how to downplay it. I want her to know that to be famous is not really important and not a sign of any kind of merit. But I do like her coming on the set and seeing how different jobs work and that people have different roles in making the show.
We think that you're hilarious.
Does your daughter think you're funny?
I think she thinks that Daddy is funnier. And she's right.
She also knows that it's good to be funny.
Madonnas new daughter Mercy Chifundo James, the 3-year-old toddler adopted by Madonna, was secretly flown from her home country of Malawi into London early Saturday morning."A private jet flew in from South Africa and collected her at five minutes to six last evening," an airport source tells People."She connected to London from Johannesburg at 10:30 p.m."Mercy, who will be joining big sister, Lourdes, brothers Rocco and David Banda, – also a 3-year-old from Malawi – was accompany by a nanny, a child nurse and another aide. Madonna Holmes not only in England but also in the united states.