Expecting a boy!

Karolina Kurkova and Archie Drury are expecting a baby boy.
“We just found out it’s a boy.
We’re thrilled,”
“We couldn’t be happier.”
So does that baby boy have a name yet?
“There’s a couple [names] I like but we’re not set on anything.
There’s one that the baby really likes. It’s really funny. So I think he might have decided his name, the baby, not us,” Karolina told OK!.
“I don’t want to say it, but he knows his name because the baby responds when I talk about that name.”
Karolina says she wasn’t prepared for the overwhelming feelings of being pregnant, telling OK!, “I always wanted to have kids and I love children, but being pregnant, the whole experience of having a baby inside of you that’s growing. I start feeling the kicks now and feel the baby, it’s just the most amazing thing. I just can’t explain.”
Karolina isn’t the only one excited about their baby, as fiancee Archie gushes to OK!,
“We’re over the moon!”
“She’s going to be amazing,” he adds of Karolina as a mother. “I mean incredible. I get emotional when I think about her being a mom.”


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