Madonna To Adopt Second Child From Malawi

Persistence pays off! After months of negotiations with the Malawian government, it seems Madonna will be allowed to adopt 4-year-old Mercy James.

The 50-year-old pop star's bid was blocked in March, due to the technicality that she had not lived in the east African state for a period of 18 months, as required. Since then, her lawyer has managed to persuade two of the three appeal judges to change their decisions, stating that the ruling was out of date.

The final decision will be announced next Sunday at Malawi's Supreme Court of Appeal.

A close friend of Madonna's had this to say about the singer's determination: “She's ecstatic. She made a promise that she wouldn't give up on Mercy and, believe me, she could move mountains when she's this determined."

Providing the courts rule in Madonna's favour, Chifuno, translated to Mercy in English, will join siblings Lourdes, 12, Rocco, 8, and David, 3.


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