June 3, 2009 Brad pitt uses baby wipes

Brad Pitt Keeps Clean With Baby Wipes

No time to take a shower? just clean your self with baby wipes thats what the hunky dad of 6 does. Actor Eli Roth tells People that Brad, 45,offered up this creative tip while filming Inglourious Basterds. "After a scene, Brad had to get next to me for a close-up shot, and he said, 'Damn, you're ripe.' I said, 'I didn’t have time to shower.' He said, 'Baby wipes, man, baby wipes.'"
It seems like in the jolie-pitt household a shower is a prize. Eli recalls Brad's explanation: "I got six kids. All you've got to do is just take [the baby wipes], a couple quick wipes under the pits. Man, I'm getting [peed] on all day. I don't have time to take a shower." What did Eli think of his co-star's advice? "I thought that was the greatest tip," he says. Brad is seen here at an Inglourious Basterds photocall last month in Cannes.


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